Architectual Painted Aluminium Sheets

Architectual Painted Aluminium Sheets


Architectual Painted Aluminium Sheets and Coils
Having recently completed significant investments in its coating facilities, ELVAL manufactures premium quality painted Aluminium Sheets and Coils for architectual applications in Plain, Corrugated and Stucco-finishes. ELVAL material is used for: Roofing · Wall-Cladding · False and Acoustic Ceilings · Facades ·Composite and Partitioning Panels · Out door Venetian Blinds · Decoration and Construction uses


Aluminium Strips for Roller Shutters
Commited to continuous development and full customer satisfaction, ELVAL provides painted strips for roller shutters in two aluminium alloys and two alternative lacquering systems. ELVAL material combines perfect formability during roll forming and high resistance to scratch-abrasion for its use in roller shutter systems.


Quality Certification
According to EN and AA and ECCA standards.

Production Range (mm)
  Sheets Coils Roller Shutters
Gauge 0.30-3.00 0.20 to 3.00 0.25 to 0.50
Width max. 1600 max. 1600 450
Coil Geometry
Gauge (mm) Core Inside Diameter (mm)
0.20 to 0.29 Cartoon or None 300, 400, 500
0.30 to 0.80 Cartoon or None 300, 400, 500, 600
0.81 to 1.20 Cartoon or None 500
1.21 to 3.00 None 500
Mechanical Properties
  3005-H46 3005-H48 8079-H48
Min Typical Min Typical Min Typical
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 190 200-210 220 230-240 165 185-195
Yield strength (N/mm2) 160 180 190 200-210 150 160
Elongation (%) 3 5 2 4 2 3
Topside: Polyurethane-polyamide or polyester-polyamide
Bottom side: Protective lacquer suitable for polyurethane foam adhesion.
ELVAL aluminium can be coloured according to RAL range of colours, or as per customer request. Wood effect finishes and special colours can also be provided.
Lacquering Systems
  Polyurethane / Polyamide 1 Polyurethane / Polyamide 2 Polyurethane / Polyamide 1
1.coat Primer (5+/-1µm) Primer (5+/-1µm) Primer (5+/-1µm)
2.coat Poliüretan / Polyamid (20+/-1µm) Poliüretan / Polyamid (16+/-1µm) Poliüretan / Polyamid (20+/-1µm)
3.coat - Protection lacquer -
Gloss 30+/-5% 30+/-5% 30+/-5%
heets can be produced either with protection P.E film or paper interleaved
Sheets and Coils can also be delivered Stucco embossed
ELVAL can provide material Degreased and Chemically Converted
P.E Film Protection

LVAL can provide its sheets P.E coated as follows:

50 microns - tranparent

80 microns U.V resistant

Type of Paint: Gloss Painting Processes currently used for one or both sides
Polyester: 90% max. Lacquer type : Coats
Polyester Metallic: 90% max. Polyester: 2
Powder coating - Polyester: 90% max. P.V.DF. 2+1 (optional)
Polyester / polyamide 30% +/- 5%    
Polyurethane / polyamide 30% +/- 5%    
P.V.DF. 35%