Aluminium Foil for Household Use & Food Containers

Aluminium Foil for Household Use & Food Containers


Household Foil
The exacting controls applied to ELVALs production process combined with FDA approved rolling oil makes ELVAL Foil the ideal material for hygienic food contact and general food packaging purposes. ELVAL household foil is supplied on a uniform gauge basis thus guaranteeing the amount of meters sold to re-winders.


Semi-Rigid Food Container Foil
ELVAL has earned high reputation for its quality and service offering Pre-lubricated or Dry, Plain or Pre-lacquered Container Foil. ELVAL provides premium foil, suitable for the production of Semi-rigid Food Containers, and Smooth-wall containers, for the take-away, frozen-food, household and airline food containers. Container foil is produced Plain or Lacquered in both 1xxx and 8xxx aluminium alloy series.


Quality Certification
According to agreed customer specifications.

Protection Range
  Household Foil Container Foil Alloys Normal Applications High Tensile Strength
Gauge 9.0 to 25.0 mm 37.5 to 300.0 mm 1200-0
Width 150 to 2000mm 100 to 1520mm 8006-0
Coil ID 70/76 or 150/152mm on steel cores 150/152mm 8011-0
Coil Od 350mm to 1000mm 500mm to 1000mm 8079-0
Surface Finish One side bright, reverse side matt Mill finish or pre-coated in various colours on eitder one or botd sides. tde lacquering system is epoxy-based  
v None Softenol 3829 or Fina D60 A1 Draw, 100 up to 600mgr/m2 total on botd sides